Feb. 3rd, 2011


Feb. 3rd, 2011 07:43 pm
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It occurs to me had John Watson been an American war veteran, he would not have wound up with a job (part-time or otherwise) and a flat in the heart of a major city. Instead he'd probably be homeless, fighting with Medicare and the VA who nickel-and-dime him over what little benefits he qualifies for because he had the gall to come back from the war alive, and cultivating a drug problem in an effort to cope with the pain and PTSD the US government denies he has. He doesn't get therapy, except when he wanders into a church on the colder nights. Oh, he'd totally still have his gun, though. It's tucked in the pocket of his fifth-hand coat, and he can feel its weight shift when he holds out his battered Starbucks cup for change.

And Sherlock, were he American, would have grown up on the Upper East Side, raised entirely by nannies, educated at exclusively private schools (probably French), developed a coke habit in high school, been subjected to a string of therapists and one aborted stay in a rehab facility, had the crap beaten out of him by the football team, first because they decided that he's gay and then because he refused to blow them behind the cafeteria, eventually dropped out of Columbia and ends up living in an apartment in Alphabet City, likely subsidized by his brother. He's been busted seven times as a suspected meth lab, except he's only conducting experiments in his kitchen, and he gets his body parts from Mike up at Columbia, or from the East River.

Man, it's strange what my brain comes up with when I'm tired.



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