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Went to SF for Wondercon (I bought my pass 'way in fucking December, lol) and to meet up with some folks from [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbbc.

No, really. I did something social. I left my house and interacted with people offline.

I know, I'm as shocked as you are!

The meet-up was great. Five hours in a food court spent discussing fandom, fic and various permutations of porn. :-) I forgot how much I like the occasional fandom geekery session!

Also, I met Berke Breathed. I've waited 30 years to meet him, and then I met him today. I was practically bouncing off the walls of the Moscone afterward. I called my dad and was incoherent at him. He laughed.

The IDW booth guy let me take a photo; he suggested it, when he saw how nervous I was and that I didn't have anything substantial to get autographed (I couldn't find my Billy and the Boingers book). I don't normally like photos with people but I did it this time because BERKE BREATHED and it's for my dad.

He's smiling tiredly. I'm grinning like a nervous idiot because I was nervous, and an idiot. :D

Tomorrow (today): Doctor Who panel with Neil Gaiman. Aaaaaaaaaah.
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