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My name is Moony, and I am a nice bunch of girls living in California with a ridiculous cat named after a paranoid android.

This journal is mostly friends-only, though all of my fiction and some fandom babblings are public.

Most of my fanfiction is archived over at The Pit of Voles, for convenience's sake. I've written House, Harry Potter, Good Omens, Brokeback Mountain, Sherlock Holmes (ACD) and Sherlock (BBC).

In 2003, I rewrote the Buffy musical episode, 'Once More With Feeling,' as a Harry Potter parody. You can find it here. And somehow I was sober at the time.

Recent Works

An Ordinary, Extraordinary Man - Sherlock BBC - urban fantasy AU - John/Sherlock

The Shape I Found You In - Sherlock BBC - collaboration with [livejournal.com profile] irisbleufic - John/Sherlock

Lay Me Down - Sherlock BBC - sequel to The Shape I Found You In - collaboration with [livejournal.com profile] irisbleufic - John/Sherlock

Monster - Sherlock BBC - "It is fortunate for this community that I am not a criminal." - John/Sherlock

It Gets Better - Sherlock BBC - written for The Trevor Project - John/Sherlock

The Vast Perhaps - Sherlock BBC - a series of deaths and near deaths in the life of John Watson - John/Sherlock (squint)

Free To Move About the Cabin - Sherlock BBC - porn on a plane - John/Sherlock

Tuesday Morning - Sherlock BBC - birthdays and brains - John, Sherlock

The Adventure of You - Sherlock ACD - a retelling of 'The Empty House' - Watson/Holmes

A Secret History - Sherlock ACD/Ritchie - Holmes and a trunk of trunkishness - Watson/Holmes

One Time When Kirk Thought Pon Farr Was a Cliché - Star Trex XI - ridiculousness ensues when Kirk finds out about Pon Farr - vaguely Kirk/Spock

Everything Is Different Now, Forever - Harry Potter - Merry Smutmas - porn! - Remus/Sirius
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