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- was an artist.
- was raised by her German grandmother and Glaswegian grandfather.
- met Elvis Presley when she was thirteen.
- introduced me to Monty Python, Jeeves & Wooster, and Dr Who.
- read voraciously, mostly science fiction and horror.
- took me to my first fan conventions.
- encouraged my library addiction.
- watched David the Gnome with me whenever I was home sick from school.
- never met a chocolate she didn't like.
- married my dad after dating him for just two months.
- played more video/computer games than I ever did.
- made the best hamburger-patty-and-Rice-A-Roni.
- wrote Star Trek fanfiction.
- collected stickers because I collected stickers.
- has her ashes kept in a decanter shaped like a bust of Spock.
- knew all the names of the constellations.
- never drove on the freeway. Ever.
- suffered from depression but never let me see it.
- was a Vietnam veteran, though she never saw combat.
- owned a little red convertible and liked to "drive around topless."
- referred to herself as "the world's oldest waif model" when she lost weight during chemotherapy.
- took me to my first concert (U2, Oakland, 1992).
- taught me to read using Bloom County comics from the newspaper.
- was my best friend.
- loved me.

Information on ovarian cancer, from cancer.gov
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Gilda's Club

Please schedule yourself for a gynecological exam, PAP smear, and when having bloodwork done request the CA-125 test. Please encourage all the women in your life to do the same.

Happy Mother's Day.


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